Dos and Don’ts of Android: Must follow!


Now a day’s Android is most popular topic in the smartphone market. Android gives us everything what we want. So there are some responsibilities for us. Consider the following points.


  1. Be selective in choosing Android products, find the most comfortable and appropriate design.
  2. Create Google Account before utilizing mobile gadgets.
  3. Install your best Antivirus Program.
  4. Check any updated version of Android.
  5. Download necessary applications.
  6. Get the cheapest internet subscription as the main soul of Android is internet connection.
  7. Turn off automatic update of any application you have downloaded and installed if you think it is not so necessary;
  8. Be wise in using internal memory of your Android phone.
  9. If possible, keep and save your downloaded applications in external memory to give stable space for your system;


  1. Do not be surprised if your Android Phone is easily considered out-of-date since the trend of this mobile gadget is now booming, forcing many vendors to launch their new products regularly. Be wise in choosing one of them for a long use.
  2. Never download strange applications that you do not posses enough information about them.
  3. Do not directly update for the newest version of Android without checking the manual.
  4. Never allow any application to access your personal data if you are not sure what exactly the purpose of such request.
  5. Do not install application and save any file or data directly in internal memory. Check it carefully.
  6. Do not install big applications unless so urgent.
  7. Do not so consumptive in using internet connection for unimportant things.
  8. Never send spam or upload any kind of virus or malware through your.
  9. Do not get trapped in piracy of application or even use such illegal copy since now, not all applications in Android market are free to download. Some pirated applications are sometimes not working optimally;
  10. Never miss any latest information about Android operating system.

These points are important. Be careful about these points. Now enjoy the Android world.

Please let us know how you feel…

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