How to delete unnecessary apps from Android phone?


One day I was reading through news paper. Suddenly I saw my little brother is doing something with his new Android phone. He is looked very worried and tried to find something on his new phone. I folded the news paper and looked at him to see what he was doing. My brother looked at me with the feeling of a defeated king in the battle. I asked him what the matter is. He replied that he is trying to delete the boring game that he had downloaded two days before. But he did not know how to delete the boring game from his phone.

I laughed and told, “My dear brother don’t worry about it.” “I will teach you the method to delete any application from your favorite Android phone”. I noticed that he became relaxed from the burden of defeated in the battle. He smiled and gave his phone to me. I taught him everything about deleting any app from the Android smartphone. Now he deletes at least one app daily that he does not like.

I told the story so that I can clarify this post is related to deleting any application from Android phone. This post is for those who are newbie in Android smartphone world. So, experts don’t laugh at me.

Important announcement

You cannot delete any application that is not installed and downloaded by you. Clearly, you are able to delete your installed apps. You cannot delete default apps in your Android phone.



So the steps are:

Step-1: at first decide that really you need to delete any application? Set your mind.

Step-2: go to ‘Setting’.

Step-3: Select ‘Applications’.

Step-4: now select ‘Manage Applications’.

Step-5: you will see four categories apps in ‘Manage Applications’ option. You will see your downloaded apps in ‘Downloaded’ category, installed apps in ‘Installed’, all installed apps in ‘All’ and all SD card apps in ‘On SD Card’ category. Choose the app that you want to delete.

Step-6: tap on the app that you want to delete. You will get a pop up window. You will get all information about the app in this window. Tap on ‘Uninstall’ option. The process of deleting will start. Wait for sometimes and you will win to remove your hated app from your Android phone.

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