How to set multiple Gmail accounts on Android smartphones?


We get more than email from our Gmail account in our favorite Android phone. Our Gmail account gives us full facilities in our Android phone. Most of time we use more than one Gmail account. Generally we know that we can set up one account in our new Android phone. So we set up very urgent Gmail account in our Android Smartphone. The other accounts become less important to us. But there has opportunity to add more Gmail accounts in one Android Smartphone. Yes, it is true. I will show you the steps how to add more Gmail account in your favorite Android phone.

But first lets us know the benefits of multiple accounts in one Android phone:

  1. You can use your business email and personal email both in one phone. Just switch through mode and enjoy.
  2. Sometimes we cannot use same email for different purpose. So multiple email account is better solution of our privacy and security.
  3. You can enjoy different mode in your different situation. For example, you can switch to your personal account when you are on vacation so that your business personnel can not disturb you.
  4. When you are on dating with your girlfriend you can switch your Android phone to your personal account so that your most important dating time cannot be wasted.

Ok, let’s see how to add your multiple Gmail account on your Android Smartphone.

Step-1: press ‘Menu’ button of your phone.

Step-2: you will get a list of options. Choose ‘Account’ option from the options.

Step-3: you will see a dialog box. In bottom of the box you will see ‘Add Account’ option. There has a list of your synced Gmail accounts. One or more accounts.

Step-4: press ‘Add Account’ option and follow the simple process to add your another Gmail account.

Step-5: Now you can use your both accounts for receiving and sending emails.


The steps are very simple. If you follow these steps once, it will be very clear to you. So let us know how much accounts you have added to your Android phone. Have you met any problem?

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